Vaginal steaming is a home practice used by women around the world for healthy menstrual cycle, ease symptoms of menopause, post partum healing and initiation for a girls first period.

What steam is right for me?

We have 4 She Steam blends

Gentle steam blend for periods less than 27 days; 2 periods per month; prone to fresh spotting.

Cooling & Moisturising blend for hot flushes; dry infections; when you naturally run hot.

Disinfection blend for vaginal discharge; mucous; wet natured infections.

Cleansing blend for post partum; taking the contraceptive pill; long period cycles over 40 days.

How to buy She Steams

It’s really simple. Our blends are available in 2 generous pack options – 4 steam or 6 steam.

Our starter packs, steaming stools, seats and saunas are also available for those just starting or the seasoned steamer.

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How to…

Sitting Positions

There are many different positions you can do, often it is just what is comfortable to theuser. Below are some suggestions Legs can be together sitting. The user can have the legs wide apart like a horse stance. In the horse stance position you can fold forward with the elbows resting on the kneeswhich can …


She Steams is base in Adelaide South Australia. We are an online business and can post anywhere within Australia find our online shop HERE. Customers which are based in Adelaide can pick up products from our home base.

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