Herbal Blend Properties

The each blend is made up with a formula which is based on all the principles which each woman needs. The each contain the properties below and each blend is adjusted to the specific needs of the user.

Cleansing – Moves blood, removes stagnation or blood movers. Herbs used are emmenagogue that helps to cleanse the uterus.
Disinfecting – Address dampness, helps remove and resolve dampness, or resolves damp heat, drying in nature, antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral astringent and tightening.
Moisturizing – Blood tonic gives nutrients to the blood, iron, or B vitamins to the blood, tonify blood.
Kidney/Yin tonic – Nourish the body and addressing dryness, replenish fluids. YIN means fluid, kidney yin tonic, moisturizing or emollient.
Deodorizing herbs and digestive aids – Kills odor, chi circulation gets everything moving –
Aromatherapy Property – Smells good, calms spirit and relaxes the user, to make sure that the experience is good.

The 2 properties below are only used in the Gentle Herb Blend only used for people who have a uterine bleeding sensitivity.

Hemostatic Property – Blood stopping herb either stops or prevents bleeding
Qi Tonic Property – assists to strengthens the uterus, to overcome the fatigue and help gain its strength back, helps to close the uterine blood vessels.