Preparing Yoni Steam Herbs

1.5 liter or 6 cups water. Put lid on and turn it up to high so that the water is boiling, then turn it off. Take your herbs, put it into a tea bag or large tea ball (if you want to reuse them), put the lid back on. Let the herbs steep for 10 mins. After 10 mins the water will still be hot with steam, it will be a mild steam, some people may still find if a little hot so you can let it cool down. Other people like it warmer or if you have prepared the steam the night before you can turn the water up to low or medium to bring the temperature up 2-3 mins maybe 5min. Make sure you test the temperature of the steam prior to use.

KEY– once the herbs are in the pot keep the lid on, so the herbal properties do not lost.

Reuse herbs – Prior to transferring the pot to steam, if you have used a tea ball or bag take the herbs out to reuse – keep them in the fridge they will save for 2 days max and can use for another steam session, a third will be quite weak.

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